The Treasure Valley is home to a diverse variety of motorcycle clubs, riding clubs and owners groups. Some are very structured and have been here for years, others are new and not structured at all. Most are very specific with their membership. You ride a certain make of bike or belong to a particular religion or a twelve step program. Others are so diverse with their membership that they don’t have an identity.

Lucky Bastards Motorcycle Club falls between the extremes.
We do not take issue with:
• The make of a man's bike
• Whether or not he's an outlaw
• Whether or not he goes to church
• If a man drinks or doesnt

We are men who:
• Have a long standing love affair with motorcycles
• Have no affiliation with law enforcement of any kind
• Care about our community
• Are willing to make the sacrifices that brotherhood requires
• Believe in the structure of a traditional MC
• Respect the dominant club of our state

This we sum up with our purpose:

Riding motorcycles with one another is more than just a hobby for us. In recognizing the importance of the brotherhood that we have for one another, the friendship that we hold for our brothers who ride, the solidarity of the pack, the sacrifices we make for one another, and the spiritual bond between man and motorcycle, we formulated this club of otherwise unaffiliated individuals. Though we are individuals, with lives and families of our own, we come together to ride, to wrench, and to discuss the business of riding the motorcycles that we love. This is our main purpose, to ride together and to go about the business of riding together as One.

This is what Lucky Bastards MC is about.


Lucky Bastards Motorcycle Club does not go out looking for new members (recruiting). People with an interest are encouraged to contact us, hang out and obviously ride with us. If after that you think you have what it takes to be a Lucky Bastard, just ask.   LBMC on Facebook